A native of New Orleans and graduate of the University of Mississippi, Pete is a former college coach who has leveraged his marketing talent, relationships, interview preparation skills, trust amongst coaches, and contract advising expertise to attract top talent.    

Pete was a part of coaching staffs at Stanford University, Ole Miss, University of Memphis, and Samford University prior to launching in 2010.  CoachingSearch quickly evolved as the most trusted daily read for coaches, agents, and athletic directors. 

In 2014, Pete joined Coaches Consulting Group (CCG).  As a Managing Partner and agent, he developed a highly coveted service that led to his representation of 25+ prominent college and NFL coaches.  Over the course of five years, Pete created opportunities for numerous clients and successfully negotiated contracts for a vast number of prominent assistant coaches, coordinators, and head coaches.   

Pete, who resides in Nashville, is engaged to Sarah Bess Throneberry. 

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Q&A with Pete Roussel

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

Well, I am very passionate about helping each client achieve their goals.  It’s special when we create an opportunity for a client to become a major coordinator for the first time, or when a client accepts a head coaching job.  These guys are incredibly dedicated to their job.  Several times I’ve seen a client’s wife become teary-eyed because she is so proud of her husband.  You never forget those moments and you’re just proud to be a part of the process.

Three books that have impacted you are:

Mavericks at Work is the book that has probably impacted me the most, but I’d also throw in there Rising to Power: The Journey of Exceptional Executives as well as Absolute Impact.

Favorite quote:

“Once we are clear on our realm of potential excellence, we must unleash our power by placing our talents in a position that constantly puts them in play – where they will not only develop continually, but also yield the most impactful results.” – Matthew May (author, Absolute Impact: The Drive for Personal Leadership)

3 most memorable games you’ve attended:

I grew up playing front-yard football with Eli and Peyton Manning, so it was really special to see Peyton defeat Carolina to win his second Super Bowl in 2015. I’ve been to roughly twenty-five Sugar Bowls in New Orleans; ironically the West Virginia versus Georgia matchup in 2006 that was relocated to Atlanta because of Hurricane Katrina was an incredible game and atmosphere.  The entire stadium including Georgia fans had goosebumps when the West Virginia band performed Country Roads before the game.  The USC versus Penn State match-up in the 2016 Rose Bowl was a game and night to remember, as well.

Most listened-to track on iTunes:

Springsteen by Eric Church or That Summer by Garth Brooks

Favorite food:

An oyster po-boy in New Orleans, preferably from Domilesis’ Restaurant. 

Best thing to do in Nashville:

Nashville is one of the best cities in America.  The entertainment and vibe downtown on Broadway is consistently awesome.

Best day of the week is:

Mondays.  I like to get going on the plan for the week.

2 important values in your line of work:

Professionalism and following through on time.

Most likely purchase in an airport gift shop:

I usually browse the top business books section.  If nothing seems essential, I am a sucker for magazines such as the Harvard Business Review or Strategy & Business.