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Since 2014, Pete Roussel has represented college and NFL coaches. A former college coach turned successful media entrepreneur, Pete has leveraged his marketing expertise, relationships, trustworthiness, and contract negotiation skills to attract top talent.

Driven by his authentic desire to positively affect the success of his clients, Pete applies his perspective to consistently offer sound judgment to his clients. By listening and thinking, Pete often presents unconsidered angles to his clients. Most distinguishing, he is especially successful advising clients through high-stakes situations.

As an agent, Pete has negotiated numerous contracts for his clients as the highest paid coach at their position. More importantly is the ongoing success of his clients. That is why Pete offers professional development services and unique resources to his clients. Well known for his mock interview service that has proved beneficial to numerous clients, decision-makers are often impressed by the preparedness of Pete's clients during the interview process.  

A New Orleans native, Pete attended Newman School where he was a wide receiver for quarterback Eli Manning. Pete then served as a student-assistant for the Ole Miss football coaching staff, and after graduating was a part of coaching staffs at Stanford University, Ole Miss, University of Memphis, and Samford University. In 2010, Pete launched which quickly evolved as the most trusted daily read for coaches, agents, and athletic directors.

Pete is an avid reader of business strategy, business success, and leadership books. He and his wife, Sarah Bess, reside just outside of Nashville in Franklin, TN. They have a son, Conway. Together they love to walk their golden retriever, Samson.

Get to Know Pete Roussel


Most important values as an agent

Judgment, professionalism, and following through on time.

Three books that impacted you

Mavericks at Work.

Rising to Power.

Absolute Impact.


Favorite quote

“Once we are clear on our realm of potential excellence, we must unleash our power by placing our talents in a position that constantly puts them in play – where they will not only develop continually, but also yield the most impactful results.” – Matthew May (author, Absolute Impact)


Aspect of the job you most enjoy

I am passionate about working to ensure that my clients are successful. On several occasions, I have seen the wife of a client become teary-eyed because she is so proud of her husband, whether that is at an introductory press conference or after a high-stakes win. I don’t forget those moments because I know how dedicated my clients are to their craft.

Best day of the week

Monday. I like to get going early.

3 most memorable games you attended

I grew up with Eli and Peyton Manning, so it was special for me to watch Peyton go out a winner in Super Bowl 50. A lot of our high school friends were on hand that night to see Denver defeat Carolina in Santa Clara. The entire night was just awesome. West Virginia versus Georgia in the Sugar Bowl - I remember the goosebumps before kickoff when the West Virginia band performed Country Roads on the field. I have never seen a fanbase so happy and anxious for a game. Oh, and the game was spectacular. Lastly, USC versus Penn State in the Rose Bowl. What a game. What a setting.


Best thing about Nashville

Nashville is one of the best cities in America. I love the vibe on Broadway because people come to have fun, and they do so in a clean and safe environment. 

Pete Roussel sports agent leans in with notebook
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