Shannon, originally from Columbia, South Carolina, graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. For three years, Shannon served as an intern in the University of Mississippi athletics department, serving as a videographer and editor for the sports production team.

At the University of Mississippi, Shannon was a Provost Scholar, member of Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society, and was very involved in the Ole Miss football program.

Prior to joining Suite 615, Shannon served as an Operations Assistant with Coaches Consulting Group (CCG) for one year. At CCG, she served an integral role in the market analysis and daily operations involved in the representation of twenty-five college and NFL coaches.  

At Suite 615, Shannon serves an integral role in the daily business operations including market analysis, marketing, and client services. 

Shannon is an avid CrossFitter and a member of Midtown Fellowship Church.  She resides in Nashville, TN.